Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 30 of 30 Days of ME! - Whatever tickles your fancy

This is a crazy weekend for me.  It's my family's annual golf outing weekend.  The tradition started when my siblings and I were getting married, three weddings in three years.  The day of the bridal shower, my dad hosted a golf outing for the groom so that the guys had something to do.  My dad's side of the family had such a great time, getting together and golfing and socializing that it has become an annual event.

Everyone starts arriving in the middle of the week and that's when the festivities begin.  Golfing, dinner, family.  What could be better?  This is one of the few times of year that everyone gets together.  Not everyone comes in for the holidays since the family is scattered across the country and most split the holidays with their in-laws.  The family gathers at one house, usually my parents, from the time they start arriving until Sunday when everyone starts to leave.

I love getting to see everyone in my family.


  1. It is. Especially watching all of the generations interacting with each other. :)