Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 26 of 30 Days of ME! - Describe the week in great detail

The girls and I started the week with a trip to the library so that DD1 could participate in the library's reading challenge for children.  After signing in for the week and getting out new books, we headed home with a stop at McD's for a shake.  Yum yum!  We spent the week trying to stay cool since it was so hot.  Thursday we went over to my mom's and spent the afternoon by her pool and had lunch.  Friday was spent racing around running errands and seeing cousins.  The weekend was spent cleaning the basement and the office thoroughly! 

Now this week has started off the same as last week.  The girls and I went to the library so that DD1 could check in and complete the reading challenge.  We also had to pick out new books to take home to read.  We dropped off the quarterly tax payment and spent the afternoon running errands so that I could finish the laundry. 

It seems that there is always something to do.  :)


  1. Basements freak me out. Thank gosh they are not really here in FL. Unless you like swimming with fishes :)

  2. It's not my favorite place either! Luckily, my DH did most of the work down there and brought me boxes to go through upstairs. :)

    Love FL. Where are you located?