Sunday, June 13, 2010

Review - Dead in the Family

The latest Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse did not disappoint me.  I read it very quickly and had a great time with it.

After the Fairy War, Sookie is having a hard time springing back.  She was captured and tortured during the war, and she also lost loved ones.  On top of this, while she loves Eric, she is also angry at him.  She feels that he let her down since Bill was the one to rescue her from the fairies, not Eric.

While she is trying to heal, she also has to deal with the appearance of Eric's maker and the new vampire regime (Nevada) keeping a close eye on Eric.  Eric's maker's visit is causing problems for Eric as well as putting a drain on Sookie through the blood bond.  Sookie is also contending with Were politics within the Shreveport pack.

Will Sookie ever catch a break?  I'm interested in seeing what the future holds.

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