Sunday, June 13, 2010

Review - Dead and Gone

Once again, I had a great time reading a Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse book.  I had a hard time putting this down once I started it.

This book had several things happening.  First, the Weres announced themselves to the world.  The people of Bon Temps need to decide how that announcement affects their view of Sam, Sookie's boss at Merlott's.

Then, the FBI shows up in Bon Temps to ask Sookie about the bombing in Rhodes.  If they determine that she has psychic abilities, Sookie is afraid that they will make her leave Bon Temps, something that she doesn't want to do.  Their conversation with Sookie is interrupted because of a murder of a Were.  If all that isn't enough, Sookie finds herself married to Eric and is drawn into the fae war.

While a reader can read this book without having read the earlier books, knowing the background from those books definitely makes this easier to follow.

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