Saturday, January 23, 2010

Under the Tuscan Sun

I knew starting this book that Under the Tuscan Sun was not going to be the same as the movie.  I did expect it to be better than the movie since most books that are turned into movies are.  In some ways, I wasn’t disappointed, and in others, I was.

I enjoyed how Frances Mayes brought her descriptions of the Tuscan countryside, the villa she and her husband purchased in Tuscany and all of their adventures in remodeling the villa to life.  The recipes that she included sound delicious and I will have to try a couple of them.  However, this book was a bit dry for me.  While it was an easy read, it seemed to drag at times and I found that I needed to force myself to pick it up again to finish it.

I’d like to give this book 3 ½ stars, but none of the sites let me do that.

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