Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Sister

I was lucky to be a part of the Barnes & Noble First Look group that previewed Poppy Adams’ debut novel, The Sister.  It seemed that the group seemed to be split on whether they liked this book or not.  Below are my thoughts on The Sister.

I got off to a slow start with this book and considered putting it down.  After I pressed on, I found myself caught up in Ms. Adams' debut novel.  Normally, I read books for their enjoyment factor and not necessarily with the aim of analyzing every action taken by the characters, I constantly found myself rethinking my opinions of Ginny and Vivi and how their lives evolved as they did.  I feel that Ms. Adams' does a very good job of weaving the sisters' memories of the past into their present lives.  I found it interesting to see how these two sisters view the same events in totally different ways.  As the story progresses, Ginny finds herself forced to rethink some of her earlier memories and these events impacted her life.  How might her life have been different if events had occurred differently?

Ms. Adams' use of moths and how she interwove the moths with the behaviors of the family members was neatly done.  Some of her scientific descriptions about the moths and their development were a little too in depth for my tastes. 

Ms. Adams' does not "spoon feed" the reader everything about this book, but makes you think.  If you don't like having everything handed to you, you will enjoy this book.  If you like to think and draw your own conclusions, this book is for you.

*NOTE: I was able to review this book from a copy that I received through Barnes & Noble’s First Look book club.

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