Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Review - Fantasy in Death

I am happy to say that Fantasy in Death was definitely better than Robb's last book, Kindred in Death.

While I enjoyed Kindred in Death, the interaction between the characters, especially Eve and Roarke, seemed to be getting dull. There wasn't much fire between them for lack of a better word. There was definitely more of that original spark that made them so likable in this book.

The plot for this story was interesting as well.  Death in a holographic game when the person was home alone in a secured apartment.  It was interesting to see how Eve figured this out and how Roarke and the EDD team were able to "prove" her concept although they had a difficult time buying it at first.

Peabody is continuing to grow.  She's starting to think more like Eve now, though she still has a way to go until she can "see" the crime the way that Eve down.

I give Fantasy in Death 4 stars and would recommend it to others.

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