Saturday, January 10, 2015

Nero Wolfe

Lately, I've been on a Nero Wolfe kick.  What can I say?  I love mysteries and I fell in love with this series years ago when it was on television.  The flow between Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin is so much fun.

I pulled this list of Nero Wolfe novels from wikipedia.  I'm trying to go through the series in the order they were published.  I just finished "In the Best of Families" and am off to figure out if I'm downloading the next book from Overdrive or requesting it from my local library.

  • Fer-de-Lance
  • The League of Frightened Men
  • The Rubber Band
  • The Red Box
  • Too Many Cooks
  • Some Buried Caesar
  • Over My Dead Body
  • Where There's a Will
  • Black Orchids (contains "Black Orchids" and "Cordially Invited to Meet Death")
  • Not Quite Dead Enough (contains "Not Quite Dead Enough" and "Booby Trap")
  • The Silent Speaker
  • Too Many Women
  • And Be a Villain (British title More Deaths Than One)
  • Trouble in Triplicate (contains "Before I Die", "Help Wanted, Male" and "Instead of Evidence")
  • The Second Confession
  • Three Doors to Death (contains "Man Alive", "Omit Flowers" and "Door to Death")
  • In the Best Families (British title Even in the Best Families)
  • Curtains for Three (contains "The Gun with Wings", "Bullet for One" and "Disguise for Murder")
  • Murder by the Book
  • Triple Jeopardy (contains "Home to Roost", "The Cop-Killer" and "The Squirt and the Monkey")
  • Prisoner's Base (British title Out Goes She)
  • The Golden Spiders
  • Three Men Out (contains "Invitation to Murder", "The
  • Zero Clue" and "This Won't Kill You")
  • The Black Mountain
  • Before Midnight
  • Three Witnesses (contains "The Next Witness", "When a Man Murders" and "Die Like a Dog")
  • Might as Well Be Dead
  • Three for the Chair (contains "A Window for Death", "Immune to Murder" and "Too Many Detectives")
  • If Death Ever Slept
  • And Four to Go (contains "Christmas Party", "Easter Parade", "Fourth of July Picnic" and "Murder Is No Joke")
  • Champagne for One
  • Plot It Yourself (British title Murder in Style)
  • Three at Wolfe's Door (contains "Poison à la Carte", "Method Three for Murder" and "The Rodeo Murder"). --  Completed on January 22, 2015
  • Too Many Clients
  • The Final Deduction
  • Homicide Trinity (contains "Eeny Meeny Murder Mo", "Death of a Demon" and "Counterfeit for Murder")
  • Gambit
  • The Mother Hunt
  • Trio for Blunt Instruments (contains "Kill Now—Pay Later", "Murder Is Corny" and "Blood Will Tell")
  • A Right to Die
  • The Doorbell Rang
  • Death of a Doxy
  • The Father Hunt
  • Death of a Dude
  • Please Pass the Guilt
  • A Family Affair
  • Death Times Three (posthumous; contains "Bitter End", "Frame-Up for Murder" and "Assault on a Brownstone")

Update January 22, 2015 to reflect newly completed titles.

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