Thursday, December 19, 2013

Book Blast: The Next America

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About the Author:

Don Holbrook is a private economist consultant involved in economic development public policy, site location decisions for private sector investments of new facilities, strategic destination tourism development feasibility and public-private partnership conceptualization, including public sector incentives to entice business investment into local economies. His non-fiction books on local economic development efforts to rebuild, renew and sustainably balance economic development public policy to create world-class communities have been groundbreaking successes within economic development.  His first book, the “Little Black Book of Economic Development” has spawned a series of follow-up books on how communities, companies, individuals and families can navigate these treacherous economic times.

Holbrook is one of the worlds foremost thought leaders and public speakers on the subject of how communities can build smart and sustainable local grassroots driven economic development strategies to achieve maximum success in what he refers to as “The Art of the Deal Today.”

Holbrook was formally indoctrinated as a Fellow Member of the International Economic Development Council, for his lifetime achievements by his peers in 2008. 

He lives with wife and two sons in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In 2010, Holbrook was formally Knighted at West Point USMA as a member of the modern day Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, a modern day Knights Templar Order.
His latest book is the nonfiction/business/economics,The Next America: Moving Beyond a Fragile Economy.
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About the Book:

The economic chaos of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis that has created so much destruction of wealth for regular Americans is far from over. This book examines problems and possible solutions within national, international, and local realms that will help us navigate these times and set a course toward calmer waters. While some clamor for more taxes to cover our government's programs, The Next America shows how we can restructure our tax code so it positively affects all aspects of our communities: education, businesses, innovation, political transparency, environmental issues, investments, and more. Concerned citizens and economic players alike will be inspired and motivated to act to reestablish the American Dream during this transitional time. The Next America believes an informed citizenry can create a solution to hold our elected officials accountable for real change that will be robust and beneficial to all American’s not just the elite few at the top, without moving away from our free market and capitalism based economy.

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  1. Have you actually checked out Don Holbrook? He has been fired from 2 economic development positions and not renewed for a third. Despite claims of 100s of successful projects worth billions that created 50,000 jobs, he declared chapter 7 bankruptcy to the tune of almost 2 million (1.29 million in legal fees alone) and chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2011. Those wild claims of success have been thoroughly investigated and cannot be substantiated. The EarthQuest destination theme park project he helped to mastermind is apparently now failed. The accompanying EarthQuest Institute is also bankrupt. Holbrook had a hand in every pie of those deals. The Texas taxpayers have spent millions and must satisfy $21,000,000.00 in bonds whether the amusement park is built or not. Holbrook was sued in Ohio for work he did there and he dragged in numerous bloggers, journalists, mainstream newspapers and even taxpayers commenting on how their own tax dollars were spent. He was thrown out on his ear due to lack of jurisdiction. Read Don Holbrook and his numerous blogs for free using a Google search.