Friday, January 11, 2013

Guest Post: V. Frank Asaro

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Off the coast of Central America, the Sea Diva, an American tuna boat, sinks. Members of the crew are missing and what happened remains a mystery. Anthony Darren, a renowned and wealthy lawyer at the top of his game, knows the boat’s owner and soon becomes involved in the case. As the case goes to trial, a missing crew member is believed to be at fault, but new evidence comes to light and the finger of guilt points in a completely unan­ticipated direction.

Now Anthony must pull together all his resources to find the truth in what has happened and free a wrongly accused man—as well as untangle himself. Fighting despair, he finds that the recent events have called much larger issues into question. As he struggles to right this terrible wrong, Anthony makes new and enlightening dis­coveries in his own life-long battle for personal and global justice.

ABOUT THE AUTHORV Frank Asaro is a lawyer, musician/composer, inventor and author/philosopher. He is the author of Universal Co-opetition: Nature's Fusion of Cooperation and Competition, a concept he masterfully novelizes in The Tortoise Shell Code.

Masterful storytelling! An action-packed thriller, an electrifying read. —Gary S. Chafetz, a former Boston Globe correspondent, and twice nominated for a Pulitzer Prize by the Globe, and author of The Lost Army

The Tortoise Shell Code has it all: honor, love, international intrigue, violence, betrayal, philosophy, politics, and hope. In other words, life. Read it and reap. —Ron Russell, author of Don Carina
A most excellent read. —Mark A. Clements, author of The Land of Nod